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Mark Mark
Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Michael Michael
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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Digital Marketer

We are looking for a dynamic, lateral thinking, digital media individual to come on-board.

Country Brand Ambassadors

If you like what we are doing and believe you can help spread the message, please contact us for your personal promotion code.


We are currently fully funded but envisage that it is the Ambassadors who deliver the growth who should be the eventual beneficiaries of the platform. We therefore prefer to have, as much as practicable, a cooperative owners structure. To that end we intend to offer Ambassadors who have delivered proven growth, preferential treatment to invest the next rounds of funding.

We will issue unique Ambassadorial promotional codes with credit assigned to each active user they recruit.

If you would like to receive one of these please contact us at joinus@yohgo.com.

Interactive maps like this one appear on several pages in Yohgo. Their purpose is to let you view and/or change the location of several elements such as Favourite Places, Service Locations, Journey Start Locations and Journey End Locations. Your approximate current location may be shown for information. You can pan the map by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging the map. You can zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel or the pinch-zoom action on the trackpad. The service radius is calculated and displayed on the map. The route is also calculated and displayed if the map is used to specify a Journey. Markers showing the following symbols may appear on the map.

Current location:     Favourite location:     Service location:     Journey start:     Journey end: