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Press Release

Dublin, October 2016

Ever been short of money? Ever had to do without as a result? Yohgo aims to make this a distant memory. Have you ever thought about getting something you need without having to pay money for it? This is the purpose of Yohgo, a brand new system created to help you barter like never before. To get a favour, all you need to do is return a favour by providing a service. You return the favour to the community, not the individual. Access Yohgo using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Yohgo enhances trust by providing the platform to ensure fairness in the exchanges.

The Yohgo fairness platform improves everyone's life by extending what people already do for their family and close friends to others in the wider Yohgo community. Yohgo makes sure that the favours you do for others are returned to you. This circle of favours can be infinitely extended. It creates many opportunities to exchange lifts and services. This permits exchanges with people you do not yet know without them taking advantage of you. Using Yohgos as a means of keeping score, you can barter lifts or services you have to offer for any other lifts or services you require. Yohgo is great for communities but it is not altruism. The favours you do for others will be returned to you.

The project has been in development over the last two years at Invent DCU. As well as the website, Yohgo also boasts a convenient app on Google Play Store focusing exclusively on ride-sharing so you can offer or request a lift wherever you are.

"Pay it forward" has never been so simple.

Contact us:

Yohgo yohgo.com

Marketing/PR Team: yohgomarketing@gmail.com

Yohgo Ltd, Invent DCU, Dublin 9

Interactive maps like this one appear on several pages in Yohgo. Their purpose is to let you view and/or change the location of several elements such as Favourite Places, Service Locations, Journey Start Locations and Journey End Locations. Your approximate current location may be shown for information. You can pan the map by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging the map. You can zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel or the pinch-zoom action on the trackpad. The service radius is calculated and displayed on the map. The route is also calculated and displayed if the map is used to specify a Journey. Markers showing the following symbols may appear on the map.

Current location:     Favourite location:     Service location:     Journey start:     Journey end: